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A laptop screen with computer code

Meet the team

The unique combination of expertise allows the team of artificial intelligence innovators at ARCUBED to develop OneBin at the cutting edge.

We have a team of diverse skills with a wealth of experience in developing innovative projects encompassing machine learning, computer vision, range imaging, electronics development, mechatronics, and machine design.

A photograph of Dr. Carl Lickfold

Carl Lickfold

Chief Executive Officer
Electronics Engineer specialising in Electronics Development.

“At ARCUBED we ensure that recycling efforts aren't wasted by eliminating contamination due to negligent or careless disposal.”

A photograph of Dr. Mostafa Seifan

Dr. Mostafa Seifan
PhD, MEng, BEng, MEngNZ

Mechanical Engineer specialising in Product Development.

“Our vision at ARCUBED is to embrace opportunities to promote sustainability through innovation.”

A photograph of Dr. Hedi Hedayati

Dr. Hedi Hedayati
PhD, MEng, BEng

Computer Vision Advisor experienced in Edge Computing.

“With the power of AI and a vision for a circular economy, our technology ensures nothing is going to waste.”

A photograph of Dale Corlett

Dale Corlett
MEng, BEng

Embedded Hardware and Software Development Engineer.

"We use our data to identify waste problems and produce solutions that make a difference."

A photograph of Ali Alqassab

Ali Alqassab
MEng, BEng

Machine Learning Engineer specialising in Computer Vision.

“People see how technology can sometimes damage nature, but we believe that it can also be used to protect it. That's our goal.”

Join the team

Sustainability goes to the heart of our company and ARCUBED is looking for talented and dedicated individuals to join our fast-growing team of artificial intelligence innovators.

If you are interested in contributing to our mission and if this sounds like you,
we would love to hear from you!