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OneBin: Revolutionizing waste management

OneBin revolutionizes the waste management system by offering an automated multi-sorting artificial intelligence recycling bin, a modular system for waste management that enables sorting recyclable materials at the point of collection.

It can be used in public spaces, offices, colleges, transportation hubs, retailers, schools and also in the events where recycling rarely happens.

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As a word, OneBin simplifies recycling by eliminating hassle and confusion.

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fundamental problems

Our product OneBin, an artificial intelligence recycling bin, addresses a fundamental problem with how waste is collected and processed with a unique advantage of direct engagement with consumers.

How OneBin works

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Using OneBin

Users approach the bin, the opening flaps opens automatically in a timely manner.

Users drop the item in the chamber.

Robotic flap closes and sensor-fusion technology starts detecting the item.

Once the item is detected and necessary data is collected, the sorting mechanism will drop the item in the correct bin.

Collected data along with the status of the bin will be transferred to the management app for real-time data management.

Data and recycling diversion is visualized and a standardize audit report can be generated and shared with stakeholders or shown on the customer website.

OneBin features

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Environmental impact

  • Reduces CO2 emission.
  • Automatic segregation of recyclable materials from waste.
  • Ensure all recyclable materials reach recycling facilities.
  • Avoid filling landfill with long lasting recyclable materials.
  • Avoid leaching toxic materials to environment.
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Waste management

  • Fill level measurement unit to notify the real-time status of the bin and reduces uncesserary collections.
  • Promote routh optimization for waste management organizations.
  • Collect, manage and analyze the data, all in one place for optimum waste management practices such as location- based waste aspects (waste-recycling rate and volume).
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Education and interaction

  • Eliminate recycling confusion.
  • Educate people to do recycling correctly and not rely on wish-recycling.
  • Minimal human intervention while efficient educating tool.
  • You will be readily seeing whether your item is recyclable or not along with the reason.
  • Engage users by providing an interactive experience.
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  • A descent screen provides the opportunity for advertisement.
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And more

  • Helps customers/companies to meet the sustainability goals.
  • Retrofittable on to the mostly used recycling bins.
  • Contactless operation.
  • Offers a standardize auditing and real time report generation.
  • Promote product stewardship scheme effectively.
  • Provide a unique QR code upon depositing specific products.
  • Hygienic and inviting.

Trial OneBin

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